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Blake Bohner

Broker Associate

About Blake Bohner

Originally from Iowa City, Blake Bohner is a real estate professional based in South Dakota. A graduate of South Dakota State University, he began his career in Sioux Falls and quickly became known for his honest, straightforward approach in the real estate industry. Founding BB Realty Group was a natural progression of his commitment to providing reliable service and building lasting client relationships.

Blake enjoys a life that balances work with personal passions. He’s an avid outdoorsman, often found hunting, fishing, or exploring nature. Traveling, whether for adventure or relaxation, is another of Blake’s pursuits, alongside quality time spent with family, friends, and his dog.

Co-owner of Roundhouse Brew Pub, Blake also engages in local business ventures, reflecting his entrepreneurial spirit. His involvement in real estate goes beyond transactions; he’s deeply interested in property investment and enjoys sharing this passion with others.