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Ivonne Bellew

Broker Associate

About Ivonne Bellew

Ivonne Bellew is a seasoned Broker Associate for 605 Real Estate with extensive experience in the real estate industry in Arizona. She has worked in the field for several years, gaining valuable knowledge and expertise in the Arizona real estate market. However, due to her love for the South Dakota area, Ivonne moved to the region to pursue her career as a realtor there.

In 2023 she served as a member of the South Dakota Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and was a member of the Latino Festival in the 2023 Committee

One of Ivonne’s notable skills is her fluency in Spanish, which allows her to cater to Spanish-speaking clients effectively. This language proficiency enables her to provide a personalized and comprehensive experience for a diverse range of clients in the real estate market.

 Overall, Ivonne Bellew is an experienced Broker Associate for 605 Real Estate